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Noah Kagan “Ash has laid out a clear compass for anyone to validate their ideas, solve real problems and create a successful business.
I’d encourage Running Lean to anyone trying to get a business off the ground.”

- Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo of AppSumo.com

Life’s too short to build something nobody wants.

I have been an entrepreneur for more than a decade, and throughout that time I have been in search of a better, faster way for building successful products.

Then I ran into early works on Customer Development and Lean Startup pioneered by Steve Blank and Eric Ries. I joined in on the conversation and have been rigorously applying and testing these principles since then. I started sharing my learning on this blog, which then turned into a book, and subsequently into a series of products aimed at helping entrepreneurs raise their odds of success.

That is my mission and reason for being.

~Ash Maurya

Running Lean

[ The book that started it all ]

Running Lean outlines a systematic methodology for quickly vetting product ideas and raising your odds of success.

“If you are starting a company, Running Lean is a must read.”
Brad Feld, Managing Director of Foundry Group