Continuous Deployment (Startup Lessons Learned Conference, 4/23/2010)

The first “Lean Startup” conference (Startup Lessons Learned) was a great success. Eric Ries and company put together a great lineup of presenters and executed the event very well.

I got the most value from the case-studies. While core principles were mostly the same (Customer first, Get out of the building, etc.), there were some interesting differences in tactics.

I presented a case-study on Continuous Deployment. Slides and video follow:

Watch live video from Startup Lessons Learned on

You can find the rest of the presentations on and Slideshare.

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  • Michael Buckbee

    Hey Ash, thanks for presenting at the conference, it was great hearing you speak.

  • alexandermimran

    Awesome talk, Ash!

    I have a question: Once you have validated a feature, how do you go about ensuring it will improve sales? Do you update your splash pages, send out an email, or notify your users within the app somehow? Or all of the above?

    I want to make sure we are working on features that will not only improve the experience, but entice people to subscribe as well…

  • Ash Maurya

    Great question.

    Once a feature is validated, we will highlight it on the landing page if it's compelling enough. More commonly though, it will get highlighted in a periodic newsletter (and soon product blog) we send out. We haven't done inline application notifications yet, but it's something we want to start doing too.

    There is a definitely a difference between a continuous deployment release and a marketing release.

  • alexandermimran

    And that difference is big for us. Penzu doesn't have a free trial, so highlighting the validated features up front is what will allow us to improve our conversion. There's definitely a process for that too, since we have to split-test any new splash changes to make sure they are also validated…

    I would love for the marketing/design aspect of the lean methodology to be expanded on a bit more. I think it's a big lever but has often been ignored…

    Thanks for the reply!

  • Ash Maurya

    Yes I agree. That's one of the dangers of reading the Customer Development flowchart in Steve Blank's book too linearly. From my experience, until you've achieved product market fit, there is a constant back-and-forth between product development and customer discovery.

  • Dave Concannon

    Really enjoyed your presentation Ash.

  • François

    Thanks Ash for you blog and your talk at SLLCONF.
    I watched from Paris, I have some difficulties to follow you (the size of your draw and chart are too small, next time use bigger font !)
    By the way I installed cloudfire 2 times to test it, didn't start on my Mac.

  • Ash Maurya

    Thanks François – yes, the video stream was a bit hard to read. I think it's easier to follow along with the slideshare slides.

    What version of Mac OS X are you running ?

  • François

    A little bit easier but would be more with bigger fonts anyway !
    I use Mac OS X 10.6.3

  • Ash Maurya

    We do support 10.6.3. Can I send you a separate email to collect some logs and troubleshoot what went wrong?

  • Eric Santos

    Hi Ash,
    Great talk at SllConf. Thanks for sharing all the great tips and insights.

    I just re-watched it and wrote a blog post with my notes about your presentation. The text is in Portuguese (sorry about that), but still if you want to check it out, here´s the link:

  • Ash Maurya


  • Ivk

    Could you please make PDF out of it. I guess Slideshare download saves me Apple presentation.
    Why Not sure about all other people who would like to see it but there are lots of people who do not run internet on mobile phones and would like to download and watch a video elsewhere. Not at business hours and not in front of PC. There are plenty of programs to download video from youtube but none for all these .tv sites.

    I hope you actually wantv your content to be more accessible to more people.

  • justin tv

    justin make our life more easier and enjoyable

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